Indesign Text and Image


In this tutorial I learnt how to let text flow into columns using the Autoflow tool. By holding the shift key and click the red box besides the text which appears when your text doesn’t fit in the box, I can drag it along to the next column in which it will continue to do over the next pages until all the text fits on the pages. I also learnt how to make the text surround an object and fit to the shape rather than been behind it or around the white space in the image. This was helpful as usually I would have opened the image in Photoshop to delete the white space where as this technique is much quicker and efficient. I learnt to import image, wrap text, stretch text or change it by point size.

Another thing we were taught was the Masterpage tool in Indesign. The masterpage is for when you add an image or logo/text which you want to appear on every page in the same position. We were shown how to apply or not apply it to a page, and how to add page numbers.


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