Short Animation

Today with Sara we took part in a 4hour live brief. We were each given a fact about the University or Huddersfield which we needed to create a 10 second clip from using Illustrator and After Effects. We were given the colour guides and were asked to keep it quick and simple. I decided to use a bold font for the text and yellow to highlight the edges. I then created some quick icons to represent courses such as art, pharmacy, and accounting. I think I could have done much better designs for these and a few others if we had been given more time, however we only had an hour to create designs in illustrator. My initial idea was to have the icons raining down and bouncing around the font but because of the time scale and my lack of knowledge with After Effects, I decided to make them like a reel in the second scene. I also learnt how to create wipe effects when changing scenes. Although I don’t particularly like animation, I enjoyed the session as it helped me progress my skills of working alone and developing my knowledge of the program. The animation will be used in a group collaboration which will be display on the side of the big building on the University Campus.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.53.30

Text Wrapping in Indesign

Following on from last week with Johnny, we looked at using text wraps in indesign and setting text to follow grid lines. This was pretty quick and easy although I struggled to get the text to fit completely around the ‘Adios’. I learnt how to set grid lines and fit text around simple shapes such as the circle. I also learnt how to change the shape of text boxes to fit the text around the letter ‘A’, however I will be looking up further tutorials on Linda to make sure I am confident enough to use this in future.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 14.29.49 Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.01.25Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.03.13

Slugs & Snails: Colour Schemes

In preparation for Jays next lesson, I decided to play with colour to give myself an idea of what theme to use. As the background will be slightly duller to avoid distractions from the cereal and character, I decided to use brighter primary colours for the foreground illustrations. I think I will use yellow for the font, or possibly red with yellow outlines, and then red and blue/purple for the bowl and hat. I have drawn a quick layout for myself to follow when recreating my design in illustrator. However it will be much easier to experiment and decide on which colours go where when I have a digital version. I am looking forward to the rest of this tutorial as it will help me develop my skills in creating 3D packaging which I can then use in future projects.

sketch044 sketch045

Annotating & Redaction Reading


Last Friday Rob sent us away with the task to collect three texts to annotate and bring to class. I chose a extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a definition of Semiotics, and an article based on packaging from Creative Bloq. We discussed this in class with our peers about the importance of these texts. This task was to help us give perspective to each other about our ideas and choices and how we can pick out other meanings. Relating back to our redaction task of editing the ‘First Things First 2000′ Manifesto, our next task is to chose a text which we have annotated to redact and create our own typographic piece. I have chosen to look at Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as I find it intriguing and it opens the world of imagination that sometimes we tend to forget. We will discuss the importance of the text to our practice and then develop the piece using the Redacted font to create a visual outcome inspired by the meaning. Here is my outcome I have submitted:

Developing Hand Drawn Type

On Wednesday with Nick, we looked at our gridded typography quotes we did the previous week and chose a font we found the most appealing. I decided to go with my match stick approach because it gave me the scope the use illustration in various styles. I roughly drew up my letters on separate pieces of paper with pencil at a set angle to give the letters more of an edge. Once I was happy with the general shapes of the letters, I traced the outlines using a fine liner and erased the pencil then scanned them. I then repeated this process but using a brush pen to see what other effect I could achieve. Here are my outcomes. I think the brush pen worked much better as it gave it more of a bolder appearance and character. I hope to experiment with these using markers and software to see how I can develop them further. I really enjoy these sessions with Nick as I find illustration and typography one of my favourite subjects. This gave me a chance to do something I enjoy and be creative and playful with the task. I am looking forward to seeing what the next stage will be and hope to develop my skills in drawing type.

live fast die young finelive fast die young BRUSH

live fast die young BRUSH COLOUR WHITE

live fast die young BRUSH COLOUR BLACK

Indesign Layouts

no guts no glory

Following on from creating layouts in Illustrator, we moved onto Indesign. Johnny gave us a template to copy which included bleed/gutter/columns etc which we were to recreate in Indesign (see below). This gave us an open layout to create a tour promotion poster for the band ‘Today, They Are Older’. I downloaded some fonts from to give it more of an edge. I didn’t realise after making this that the band name wasn’t ‘No Guts, No Glory’, otherwise I would have made the actual name a little bigger. However I found this tutorial quite helpful as I didn’t really understand bleed so much or the strength of using set layouts when designing in Indesign but I will be sure to use them in future projects from now on!

Example Grid


Last Friday with Rob we spoke about the art of redaction. Redaction is process of editing text to create a smaller piece. There are many instances where this can be used such as hiding information on letters or shortening text to create a quick summary. It often provokes mystery to the text, wondering what has been blocked out. In some cases redaction can be used to make a message clearer by pointing out certain words or creating better visuals. Here are some examples:

Rob asked us to take a look at Ken Garlands Manifesto ‘First Things First’ as a template to use to redact. Using the same text and a redacted version, we were able to block out words to create our own piece of text or manifesto. There are many techniques which I could have used to change the meaning or create a more dramatic piece. Rather than blocking out words, I could have removed parts of words to create a different one. For example: redaction or redaction. Instead I tried to create a more simple piece about Graphic Designers, not necessarily my beliefs.

A Design Manifesto

Graphic designers have been raised in a world of desirable imagination. Light and heavy work in large measure is how profession’s time and energy is used up at best.

Designers who devote their efforts primarily to supporting a mental environment are all helping code of public.

Pursuits demand attention and design urgently requires expertise.

Priorities in mindshift and exploration scope of other perspectives expressed through the visual languages and design.


Katie Kershaw