Happy Birthday

brithday colour

After breaking up for Easter, I took a vacation to Skipsea with a friend. It was raining pretty much most of the weekend so I took advantage of the time and decided to quickly sketch some more type ideas. Here’s one I chose to develop. Again I have used the live trace on Illustrator but I don’t think it has worked as well this time. The lines don’t seem to be as smooth or even so I think this could be developed to a more finalised look by creating the paths using the pen tool. I want the text to pop and so tried a more contrasting colour scheme. I think this worked well for the effect I was going for, however I still think I need to develop my knowledge of colour schemes more and experiment to see what else would work well.

Experimentation with Typography

wild child colour

Although Nicks type classes have ended, I wanted to carry on with my own development of creating hand drawn type as I really enjoy been able to draw freely and be imaginative. Typography is something I will consider specialising in as so developing my skills in this area is a must. I did this by sketching out random type and quotes in my book using pencil and fine liners which I then scanned into illustrator and used the live trace tool, editing the threshold and paths to ensure it was how I wanted. I think in this case, it worked better to use live trace rather than create paths using the stroke and pen tool as it gave it more of a hand drawn look. The only thing I am unsure of is the choice of colour. I think because I have used both bright and pastel colours, they clash and form a dull/neon contrast which doesn’t compliment each other. I hope through practice that I can achieve better results and improve my colour palettes.

End of Term AE Show Reel

This week was the last session with Sara for this module. The task was to create a show reel that would showcase our production work made during her After Effects tutorials. We began by creating an intro and closing scene that would present information and credit e.g name, credits etc. I decided to put my URL to my WordPress on there as it is my mostly used platform where they viewers may be able to find more of my university study work. This part was relatively easy which shows I have actually learnt something in AE this year. I usually struggle to remember or follow instructions for the program, probably because I don’t particularly like animation, however I was able to open up the composition and create two short animated text scenes quite quickly. After, I imported my compositions from my previous sessions with Sara to add to the show reel. I then downloaded a mp3 from incompetech for backing music. This required speeding up to fit in and end in time with my clip. After this, the process involved stretching and cropping my compositions to fit inside a limited time period (30 seconds to show 5 pieces of work!) and also go along with the beat. I found this pretty easy but most time consuming of all tasks in this lesson. Once I was happy with my show reel I simply rendered it and exported it ready to upload to Vimeo.

Over all, I have found this year much more productive than the previous and have learnt to use After Effects much more easily without the aid of other people. I always found this a difficult program and never really enjoyed it, however now I am more familiar with the tools of the program I have found it not to be such a problem. I can now produce my own short clips and animate things I couldn’t before. I am pleased with my progress and have developed my technological skills in animation as a result and will be confident enough to consider producing short videos for future projects – yay!

Typography with Nick Deakin

Today was our final workshop with Nick. After creating my match stick type last session, this week we got into groups of 4-5 and make a collaborative typography piece. I really enjoyed this session as it allowed us to share ideas and help inspire each other. To begin with we found it difficult to come to a decision on a 16 lettered quote (max.) but then thought it would be appropriate to use ‘Make up your mind’. We each designed 3 letters each, agreeing that we would design each letter into different forms. My type is M for mind, N and a O. I am quite happy with my outcomes and chose to use an illustrative approach. However, for the M I used a fine liner to draw a floral pattern inside as I wasn’t aware we would be photographing them from such a distance. This lost the detail in my work but nether the less, I think all our various styles worked together well to form a strong and clear design. I would have really liked to have scanned these in and created a digital print for my portfolio, however the scanners weren’t big enough for the paper and no one else seemed bothered.

Illustrator: Creating Nets and Vectors

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 09.56.17 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.24.30 Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.39.13

This morning with Jay Payne we began to digitally create the cereal box designs in Illustrator. We began by creating the net using a scanned in flattened box and measuring up the dimensions to ensure they were the right size. This gave us the outline of the net to work on which we then added guides to to help us see directly where each face would be. Then using my previously scanned in designs of my cereal, I began to trace the outlines using the pen and shape tools. Once I had the basic outlines, I created a new layer and copied the paths over. This allowed me to change the black strokes to colour fills without losing the outlines by keeping them both on separate layers. I found the font titled ‘Bubblegum’ from the cartoon section of Dafont.com. I think it has a very playful and childlike look which compliments the design on my packaging. I wanted to keep the colour theme bright and interesting but not over powering. My design is aimed to be for children aged 3+ but also mums who are seeking a ‘natural’ looking cereal for their children. This session helped me learn a little more about adding colour in Illustrator. In most of my studio briefs, I like to use illustration but do not feel extremely confident with using adobe Illustrator. I would like to learn more about the tools and effects I can create with this software so that hopefully I will be able to produce more professional looking artwork at a faster pace rather than be limited to what I currently know. Next session with Jay we will be printing our designs and photographing them so I will ensure my design has it’s finishing touches and is ready for production!

Short Animation

Today with Sara we took part in a 4hour live brief. We were each given a fact about the University or Huddersfield which we needed to create a 10 second clip from using Illustrator and After Effects. We were given the colour guides and were asked to keep it quick and simple. I decided to use a bold font for the text and yellow to highlight the edges. I then created some quick icons to represent courses such as art, pharmacy, and accounting. I think I could have done much better designs for these and a few others if we had been given more time, however we only had an hour to create designs in illustrator. My initial idea was to have the icons raining down and bouncing around the font but because of the time scale and my lack of knowledge with After Effects, I decided to make them like a reel in the second scene. I also learnt how to create wipe effects when changing scenes. Although I don’t particularly like animation, I enjoyed the session as it helped me progress my skills of working alone and developing my knowledge of the program. The animation will be used in a group collaboration which will be display on the side of the big building on the University Campus.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.53.30

Text Wrapping in Indesign

Following on from last week with Johnny, we looked at using text wraps in indesign and setting text to follow grid lines. This was pretty quick and easy although I struggled to get the text to fit completely around the ‘Adios’. I learnt how to set grid lines and fit text around simple shapes such as the circle. I also learnt how to change the shape of text boxes to fit the text around the letter ‘A’, however I will be looking up further tutorials on Linda to make sure I am confident enough to use this in future.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 14.29.49 Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.01.25Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 15.03.13