Coffee & Crumbs Rebrand

I have recenty revisited an old university project in which we had to select a local business to rebrand. Click above to check out the updated version!



36 Days of Type


After coming across the 36 Days of Type projects on Behance, I was really excited to have a go at creating my own. This week I will be uploading my completed project onto my porfolio. Although it was quite time consuming, I managed to complete the project over the course of 2 week since placement is quiet. I had fun with this but next time, I will try something a little more challenging. This task has also helped me to develop and adapt to new techniques I usually wouldn’t use such as the blend tool, half tone and precise drawing through Illustrator.

NSS 2016 Poster Competition

NSS Illustrated Poster

As placement is pretty quite at the moment, I decided to take part in the NSS Poster Competition aimed at graduating students. It encourages leavers to share their opinions and experience, giving a rating to their course. The idea behind it is to help new starters make the right recision when choosing their next university and also gives the university an idea of how they can improve. Here is my entry for the course which I have submitted. If I’d had more time i’d have added more details such as little people to give the viewer a better understanding at a glance. You can see the poster in more details here.

Typography: Geotura

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Last week I decided to have a go at designing my own typeface. I used Futura condensed as a guide and created a geometric colour block style. I’m pleased with the outcome as it started as just an experiment. I have also been busy updated my Behance portfolio. I’ve added a few projects which are available to look at here.