Does Design Manipulate Consumers?


Here is my final submission for the essay poster. My essay was based around whether design has a direct effect on consumption and how this can manipulate buyers into making purchasing choices. It argues the for and against to each side of the question which I feel the answer is a definite yes. Design does manipulate consumers into buying products through clever marketing strategies and subconsciously communicating with potential customers. It can help to make people feel certain emotions through colour and get certain messages. Reading through my poster will give you a better understand and a few examples to understand my theory.

Professional Practice Reflection Y2

Seen as the end of the year is coming up I thought it would be good to take a step back and reflect on what I’ve learnt through the year. Second year has definitely been more of a challenge than my first year and has pushed me to be more creatively and have a more enthusiastic approach to projects.

At the start of the year we we’re asked to fill out a form which helped us pick out personal goals we would like to achieve while at University. One of the main things I hoped to develop was my technical skills which I would say I definitely have! I don’t yet feel confident enough to go straight into a professional design job, but I’m definitely working on it and getting there.

The first project ‘A Conversation’ was the most difficult for me because the brief was so open. I felt unable to make my mind up on what to produce in the fear of ‘doing it wrong’. My first idea was poor and didn’t meet what was asked very well. However I recently went back to this and changed my whole concept. What helped me make this brief more successful was the workshops I had attended over the terms. I felt more confident in Indesign and Illustrator which allowed me to create idea’s at a higher standard without been put off because of lack of technical knowledge. This project inspired me to experiment with different methods and styles. I have always had a interest in illustration and have finally made something I am happy with while been able to play around and have fun. You can see my research on my Issuu, along with my final outcome here:

The second project involved picking out a local independent business and giving a complete rebrand. This was probably my favourite project for a number of reasons. Creating a brand from scratch will be really useful in the ‘real world’ and I feel it has given me an insight to what a ‘real’ brief will be like when I leave education. Before, I wasn’t really sure what to include in branding guidelines and felt I’d gone in blind. However, after researching into the different sides of branding, I began to build a brand up on a professional level. Not only have I learnt a lot about branding and gained a taste of a proper brief, but it helped to improve my skills in Adobe Indesign and inspired me to play around with layout and colour. Looking back at my old projects, I can see what’s missing from design and why my layouts didn’t work as effectively. Finally, the start of the project involved working in a group. I found this frustrating at first because we all worked at different paces and in different ways, but looking back, working as a team is something I needed to build on as there’s a high possibility I could be working alongside other creatives after graduating and so I must have patience and build on my communication skills. Here is my final guidelines I created for a café. You can see my research and development for this on my Issuu.

Finally, the last brief we were given to complete this module was also another valuable insight into the ‘real world’. We we’re given a selection of live briefs from the YCN website. These include big companies such as Gap, Flora, J2o and Sallys Salon. There were quite a few I thought were interesting and I had to have a long think about what I wanted to create. I decided to go with Propercorn as I felt their style is something I can work alongside and produce something worthy for. I really love the packaging of Propercorn’s popcorn. The take a hand drawn illustrative approach which stands out on the shelf from others. I had several ideas for this brief but decided to try something new and take a craft approach. This allowed me to work on my skills that I don’t often use and develop them further. I improved my painting, illustration and 3D building skills as well as gained knowledge of the laser cutter (which was my first time to use!). I found this pretty stressful at times as assembling my design was really difficult and afterwards I realised it had problems with it when photographing. The only way around this was to use my problem solving skills. I managed to correct my errors using the clone tool in Photoshop. You can see my full development and read about my progression through this project here:

We also had a short mini brief where a local business came in to set us a competition. At the time I was panicking about deadlines and so I missed the entry date which is a shame really because I loved the style of The Level Collective! I think their designs are fresh and have a quirky edge to it. At this point I wish I was more organised to allow myself more time on this brief, however I quickly made some rough designs which I may develop once assessment is out of the way. Enjoy :-)

Reading & Annotating

One of the lectures I found useful with Rob was learning how to annotate and read into text or work effectively. For the lecture we were asked to fetch in 2-3 pieces of art or text which we found interesting. In a group of 4, we then had 5 minutes on each others pieces we had brought to annotate and point out the things we noticed. This was really useful as it gave you an insight into other peoples perspectives. It’s good to take a step back and look at things a different way. I think this allows you to think outside the box and had a fresh look on things. It also shows how people think differently and working with others can often benefit you to notice or challenge the thinks you probably wouldn’t before. From the examples above, notice the different aspects that have been took into consideration (e.g grammar, colour, information…). Instead of just focusing on what you usually notice, it has enlightened me to consider other factors when analysing information or visuals.

Hepworth Art Gallery: Print Fair

Last week I took time out to visit the Hepworth Art Gallery. At the time there was a Print Fair going off which I was lucky enough to catch the last half hour of. I managed to snap a few photos of some interesting stalls and pieces from the exhibitions inside the art gallery. If I had longer to look, I would have probably purchased something from the Leeds College of Art stall as they had some of the best pieces in the fair, using vivid colours and cute animals as focus points. I think it is important to support others in the same industry, not only because we are all in the same boat, but it is nice to be encouraged and make connections with people with similar goals.

Cereal Box: Final Outcome

Here is my final outcome for Jays tutorials based on net and packaging design. I am really pleased with how the net and character turned out, however I think the contrast between the colours didn’t turn out as planned when printed. The colours seem too dark, particularly the title as it blends in with the background. I would have liked to have added texture to my illustration as well but due to other projects I am working on alongside, I had to prioritise my time. If I was to redo this project I would definitely adjust the colours and make them more lighter to ensure all the details were visible. I would have also added a barcode and nutritional values to the box.

Happy Birthday

brithday colour

After breaking up for Easter, I took a vacation to Skipsea with a friend. It was raining pretty much most of the weekend so I took advantage of the time and decided to quickly sketch some more type ideas. Here’s one I chose to develop. Again I have used the live trace on Illustrator but I don’t think it has worked as well this time. The lines don’t seem to be as smooth or even so I think this could be developed to a more finalised look by creating the paths using the pen tool. I want the text to pop and so tried a more contrasting colour scheme. I think this worked well for the effect I was going for, however I still think I need to develop my knowledge of colour schemes more and experiment to see what else would work well.