Rebranding Brief: Research

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Our new brief requires working together as a group to gather research and information about Huddersfield centre and local independent businesses. In order to complete this and work effectively, I have created a new blog so we can document our work and share research. After looking into poor and good branding, promotional techniques and success of businesses, we will decide on a company which would have great benefit from a rebrand. We will then work individually to come up with a new range of promotional material and logo design which I will post on this blog. However, you can find all the collaborated research by clicking the link here.

Little Pots of Yorkshire: Typography Sketches

I have decided that typography would be more effective for my format and would have a nice crisp look against the glass jars. It will also make more effecient use of the space I have available. Looking at my sketches, I have come to the decision that a landscape design would be more effective that portrait as I will be able to make the type larger, rather than squashed up on a small square of the canvas. A landscape layout would allow me to spread my design across the jar and cover more of an area, while also been more ledgible. Bold fonts and larger fonts would also work best, and I like the idea of keeping things interesting by mixing up fonts, styles and colours to portay the tone of the saying.

Little Pots of Yorkshire: Typography

Experimenting hands on with collaging made me think more about how effective type would be rather than creating a busy image on such a small space. Instead I have chosen to move on from collaging and begin looking at lettering and layout. The area on the jars is very small and so using text as the main feature, – basing it around the Yorkshire dialect, would be a much more effective approach and more visible. I quite like this idea and i’m unsure whether to keep the type in sync with each other or vary the font to suit the context of the quote. I think they would be more appealing to match as a set, however I will play around first with different styles to see which has a stronger outcome.

Collaging: Yorkshire Dialect

After looking at my mood board I decided to experiment further with different collaging techniques. I used a variety of magazines, illustration, ink and other materials to attempt illustrating the figures of speech. I enjoyed this exersize as it gave me the opportunity to design freely and make happy accidents happen. I think ‘Appy as a pig’ works well as it has a neutral colour scheme relating to the ‘old fashioned’ sayings and shows the emotion through facial expressions. I also like the ‘Be reyt’ quote as its bright and ‘in your face’ with a relaxed attitude, however I don’t think it picks up the essence of Yorkshire very well. Through this technique I think I have decided that I may venture into playing with type for my jars instead, as small scale collages aren’t as effective. I could use the small space to make an impact with type instead.

Screen Printing Workshop at The Artworks

Today I took a trip to The Artworks in Halifax to get involved with a screen printing workshop. I really enjoyed the session as it was very helpful and has opened my mind to using this technique in future projects. The team gave us a quick tour of the building including the studio floor where graduates work to make commissioned art. We then were given a variety of template geometric shapes which we used to draw round and overlap outlines to create our own unique designs. The reason we did something so simple was to just ease us into the screen printing process and also because we had a specific time slot. After we had drawn our designs, we picked out an area of the image which we thought had the most interesting aspects, then drew them up onto a larger scale. Next we used a special type of paper which had the same characteristics as tracing paper to draw round sections and cut out using a scalpel. This gave us our stencils to use in screen printing. The actual process was really simple and I quite enjoyed been able to experiment with mixing colours (even creating a marbling effect by using several at a time on the screen print frame!) and overlapping shapes as it was a surprise to lift the frame from the image to see the outcome. We created a sample at first to get an idea of what we wanted to do and then was given Bread and Butter paper (which is specifically made for printing) to print our final designs onto. The ink we used was water based and we had to mix half medium, half colour. If the consistency was too thick then we just needed to add a little water. I chose to go for a sunset colour theme as they were all warm and complimented each other, and even swapped a stencil with a colleague to mix us the shapes. The photos I have posted is a peek as the process of creating the templates all the way to my outcome :-)

Little Pots of Yorkshire: ”Appy as a Pig in Muck” Development

pot test 1 Here is my first attempt at illustrating a quote for my jars. I have chosen an image of a happy pig rolling around in ‘mud’ as a literal approach to the saying. I used various acrylic and water colour photoshop brushes to give it that handcrafted look. I think these work really well as I am hoping to take a collage style approach. I used my own ink splats and typography I scanned in. I think to further develop this I want to add more elements to give it that layered up look and fill the the space on the left as half of the jar will have little imagery. I think I have managed to show the meaning of the quote in an obvious way and I’m looking forward to taking this further and testing this out on my prototype.